Objective: To inspire women to be innovative leaders by strengthening their technical and soft skills.

What do we do?

Through our camps, we focus on the following three pillars that we believe to be fundamental in the development of innovative leaders:

1)    Soft Skills

The article “Can soft skills save your job from the robots? written by Laura Oliver and published on December 2017 by The World Economic Forum (WEF), highlights the different soft skills (see graph above) that will help differentiate humans from robots. This article points out the change of priority, for the ten key soft skills throughout the years. Also, it refers to the WEF Future of Jobs study, which suggests that by 2020, at least five million jobs will be lost as technology and other socioeconomic factors replace the need to employ humans.

We believe in the importance for all individuals to start and continue to strengthen their soft skills.  Since, these are the necessary skills that will help us be more competitive in the job market and more difficult to be replaced by robots.

2) Technology and Innovation

Libeluu encourages and motivates women to pursue careers in technology. Our curriculum offers basic skills on programming.

3) Agents of Change

We want to inspire women to take action to promote positive change in their communities. Through our camp, we motivate women to feel determined to become better in everything they do. For us, an agent of change is one who lives life to the maximum and aims to inspire other women to become innovative leaders. These leaders work together towards closing the gap of gender equality.

Our Programs

International Camps for Women

Who should apply?

  • Women who are between 14 and 35 years old.
  • Women who are seeking to learn new skills and abilities that will make them more competitive in their specific industry.
  • Women who want to be part of an international community working towards closing the gap of gender equality.
  • Women who want to solve complex challenges by applying different methodologies of innovation, technical and soft skills.

* Groups size:  30 people maximum.

What is included in the cost?

All materials, lunch, refreshments, one night of all-inclusive accommodation in a camp facility(roundtrip transportation is included), different activities such as hiking, yoga led by professionals.


The duration of our camps consists of 4 days. On day1 and 2, participants meet in the same location (TBC based on the # of participants). On day 3 and 4, participants will stay overnight at a camp facility.


In our camp, you will have the opportunity to reflect, share and collaborate with other women. You will hear inspiring stories from our international community of storytellers. Our storytellers are leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and mentors. You will obtain useful tools and resources that will help you ideate solutions to solve complex and daily challenges. You will strengthen and develop technical and soft skills. You will have fun hiking, participate in nighttime fire pit sessions, practicing yoga, programming games or websites, ideating solutions and testing prototypes.

*We offer camps to private groups. If you are a company, college, university, or other organization and would like to learn more information, please contact us.

How can you be part of our team and community?

We are looking for women and men who wish to share their stories with us, facilitators (s) with experience (5+ years) in at least one of our three pillars. Companies interested in partnerships, please contact us.